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Are you ready to STOP paying for your merchant services to accept credit cards?

Well, great news!  The Merchant Doctor offers the industry’s most robust and functional cash discount program that will eliminate up to 100% of the fees you pay to accept credit cards!  Why should your business have to pay for your customer’s vacations and air-miles ever again?  You shouldn’t.  The Merchant Doctor has a patented program to offset the cost of your merchant services by passing those costs onto your  customers.  Many states have bans on surcharging customers for the cost of credit card processing but with our Cash Discount Program you don’t have to worry about being out of compliance.

What is a Cash Discount Program?

The Merchant Doctor provides the option for businesses to utilize a cash discount program and charge a different price for cash versus credit card payments. This offsets the transaction fees for your business by collecting a percentage on every credit card payment. The Merchant Doctor provides you with access to programs and technology that make the transition incredibly easy for you.  With your cash discount certified merchant account you will receive:

  • A terminal that is pre-programmed and ready to install with the percentage (no more than 4%) you would like to pass to the cardholder.
  • All major credit cards (American Express, Visa, MasterCard, Discover) and nearly all other card types are accepted.
  • Everything is automated, so you don’t have to worry about special equipment maintenance or calculations.
  • You are provided with signage which informs customers that “Prices listed and advertised reflect cash discount.” that MUST be displayed for your customers to see.
  • You can increase your profits without having to raise your prices.

There are only two simple rules that you must abide by!

  1. Merchants who enroll in a cash discount program must display the provided signage that states that prices reflect a cash discount.
  2. The prices set within the cash discount cannot exceed the cost of acceptance for the card.

Take Control of your credit card expense today!

  • OFFSET the fees you pay to accept cards
  • Encourage CASH payments
  • Save TIME with our interactive Dejavoo terminals
  • AVOID raising prices on your goods and services
  • Increase your BOTTOM LINE

Why not just do it yourself?

Due to card brand and federal payments guidelines it’s not quite as simple as it seems.  Businesses not following the proper guidelines could find themselves in hot water!  From taxable income requirements to surcharge authorization codes it is best to let the experts program your terminal and establish your cash discount service for you in order to avoid fines and account interruptions!

Lucky for you – you found The Merchant Doctor!  Our sophisticated technology and team of ETA Certified Payment Professionals are here to provide you with a turn key solution that will empower your business to eliminate up to 100% of your credit card processing fees!

WE KNOW THAT THE CASH DISCOUNT PROGRAM IS NOT RIGHT FOR EVERY BUSINESS.  That is why The Merchant Doctor offers the industry’s lowest and most transparent fixed rates available.  Ask us about our Interchange Plus rate structure and how it will benefit your business.

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