As the Payment Card Industry has evolved, business owners have become increasingly subjected to a barrage of salesmen promising huge savings and great service yet delivering nothing more than broken promises and high fees. Meanwhile, PCI DSS standards become more and more strict… Interchange Rates are continually adjusted…and customers demand newer and newer technology as it becomes available. How are busy business owners supposed to navigate thru all the clutter and get straight forward answers?

The Merchant Doctor has been created to address this need and offer business owners a haven of necessary knowledge to make informed decisions when it comes to accepting credit cards and merchant services. Finally, business owners have instant access to cutting edge information, innovative technology, and the most transparent pricing models for their business – all for FREE! The Merchant Doctor was created by individuals who believe that business is difficult enough without having to deal with unethical merchant service salespeople.

Our philosophy is simple:

Build relationships based on direct, unbiased sharing of information and retain those relationships thru honesty, integrity, and straight forward pricing while providing unsurpassed customer service. At The Merchant Doctor, we operate our business with the shared belief that the better the service we provide you, the better service you’ll be able to provide your customers. 

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