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Cannabis Industry

Cannabis Industry Working Capital, Equipment Financing, and Real Estate Loans

If you own a cannabis related business there is light on the horizon!  The Merchant Doctor is proudly offering multiple forms cannabis business loans, cannabis equipment financing, and business capital.  We have partnered with multiple groups to offer the most diverse portfolio of financial services for cannabis merchants available.

With competitive rates, easy underwriting procedures and fast funding the Merchant Doctor can get you the money you need in as little as 24 hours regardless of why you need the money!

Just a few of the cannabis industry loans we are able to offer include:

  • Cannabis Real Estate Loans – Need to purchase land or buildings to meet the upcoming licensing requirements?  No Problem.
  • Cannabis Equipment Financing – (Lighting, HVAC, Security, Extraction Units, Trimmers…you name it!)
  • Cannabis Merchant Cash Advance – use however you want – ideally for business but maybe you need a vacation.

To get started simply complete our pre-screening form below and one of our courteous professionals will contact you with details about your pre approval.

The cannabis industry is by far and away one of the most exciting revolutions in industry, making the industrial revolution and the Dot Com eras pale in comparison.  The cannabis business is not without its hardships though.  I am certain that if you are reading this you are well aware of the challenges in banking and business loans not to mention public perception and a disparity between state and federal laws.  Let alone the response you probably received when you walked into the bank and asked them if they offer cannabis business loans or cannabis equipment leasing options!

Cannabis is not a an easy business to get into and it is even more expensive than most understand.  As a matter of fact it is one of the most expensive businesses to get into and in order to participate most cannapreneurs have had to do so in cold hard cash.  Opening, running, and growing your business in this industry on cash can all too often prove to be a large hurdle for many.

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