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The Merchant Doctor isn’t only the industry leader in merchant services but we are also your go to source for point of sale systems that make managing your business easy. Today’s business owners have a multitude of choices when it comes to business management and point of sale systems. There is a dizzying variety to choose from making it virtually impossible for you to know which way to go. That is why The Merchant Doctor has done the legwork and negotiating for you. Not only does our team of ETA CPP representatives have access to the best point of sale systems available but they also have deals that no one else can offer! After all – who can beat The Merchant Doctor’s famously great service combined with a state of the art Point of Sale (POS) for FREE?

Here are just a few of our great options:

Don’t be a Square! Get the service and rate flexibility your business deserves. PhoneSwipe’s simple flat rate pricing with no monthly, annual, or setup fees as well as no contract make PhoneSwipe the simple solution for businesses that want to accept credit cards quickly on the go, have the functionality of a simple point of sale, and understand their rates.
Phone Swipe is industry’s leading mobile payment processing platform. A fully functional point of sale on your phone or tablet with industry leading features such as a unique merchant account, limits and fraud detection parameters based customized for your business’ needs, domestic support, dedicated representative, and fully PCI compliant end to end encrypted card reader. Additionally, if your business sells more than $7,500/month the Merchant Doctor offers high volume pricing!  Best of all, Phone Swipe is FREE!  Click below to apply for your Merchant Doctor PhoneSwipe Account today!

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PayAnywhere for merchants looking for a feature rich and customizable point of sale system.

PayAnywhere – is a robust tablet based Point of Sale that allows you to manage your business, accept payments, view your account activity to see item or employee performance, check on your deposits, pull reports, manage inventory, and so much more. Think of PayAnywhere as your command center – we’ve have all the data and tools you need to manage your business. As an added bonus if you find your business selling remotely on occasion you can use the PayAnywhere Mobile feature to access inventory and accept payments from anywhere! With easy low rates starting at just 1.69% and $0.00/transaction a FREE tablet, stand, and EMV capable card reader PayAnywhere is a no brainer for thousands of businesses.

Want to know more?  Visit our Blog, Contact the Merchant Doctor, or APPLY NOW for your pre-loaded free tablet and stand.

Clover point of sale for merchants looking for the ultimate in flexibility and growth potential!

Since hitting the market Clover raised the bar for app based point of sale and payment processing systems. The Clover POS options are perfect for retailers, quick serve restaurants, frozen yogurt shops, and cafes. With hundreds of easy to integrate apps from account and business insight to employee scheduling and executive level dashboards Clover puts your business at your fingertips no matter where you are. Clover also puts your customers first with Gift Cards, Rewards and Loyalty programs all built in.

The Clover station has been designed with both high performance and a beautiful look and feel giving your business the professionalism and performance it deserves so that you can spend more time doing the other things you love! With Clover Station, you get the most powerful and productive countertop POS system designed to be the pillar of your business.

Collect payments, track inventory, manage time sheets, run reports, print from its connectivity hub. Best of all it’s a cinch to set up with everything right at your fingertips. Why not protect your most valuable assets? Your Customers… Clover is designed to protect your business and customer data with end-to-end encryption, data tokenization, and dedicated payments hardware.

Not always at your retail location? Need a little more flexibility, no problem. Clover Flex and Clover Go options we have the ability to provide your business with the most powerful point of sale possible!

Combine all that with 24/7 Clover support and a dedicated Merchant Doctor representative and your business is ready to hit a homerun!

Ask the Merchant Doctor about our exclusive FREE Clover placement program.

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The Best Point of Sale Solutions for Restaurants and Fine Dining Establishments:

The Merchant Doctor was born into merchant services after over 22 years in the restaurant industry and we still maintain a customer centric and service oriented mentality. Now, after over a decade in payments we finally found a Point of Sale and business management solution worthy of representing. If you are tired of outrageously priced POS solutions with terrible service we would like to introduce you to our exclusive Upserve and Breadcrumb offerings. Never before have you seen a system that was not just built for the industry but was built by industry professionals.

Upserve provides comprehensive restaurant management with in depth analytics, business intelligence, and customer rewards.

Upserve is a turnkey restaurant management solution for restaurateurs of all levels. Inspired by the energy and passion of the industry Upserve allows you to make the most of every dish, diner, decision, and employee. Upserve is a restaurant management platform providing everything that managers need to know in one place, providing real-time guidance that empowers restaurants to unlock their full potential.

Upserve gathers information from the payment network, point of sale systems, and social media
and then combines it into simple and actionable reports to provide restaurant owners and managers the data they need to improve sales, service, and profits.

The ability to have access to your data from anywhere, have automated e-mail reports, and detailed server & customer analytics provides restaurateurs with an edge on the competition – making the most out of every night. Best of all Upserve is compatible with all major Point of Sale systems so you don’t have to change your current POS. However, if your point of sale system needs an upgrade then consider Breadcrumb – it is the restaurant industry’s leading POS and it comes with the Upserve restaurant management solution built right in! Read more below about Breadcrumb!

As an added bonus if you are tired your credit card processing fees. How would you like your POS or restaurant management software to pay for itself? From increased productivity, time savings, margin analytics, marketing opportunities and other bottom line boosting benefits to unbelievable fixed merchant service rates set at 0.00% and $0.15/transaction, Upserve and Breadcrumb together will pay for themselves.

Learn more about Upserve today!

Breadcrumb is the best restaurant POS not only built for the industry, but, built by people who are actually in the industry.

Breadcrumb has become known as the ultimate restaurant POS but at a price that services the industry’s narrow margins! Breadcrumb not only makes implementation and training a breeze it has been specifically designed to be incredibly simple to use, reduce mistakes, improve front of the house to back of the house communications, and create a superior customer experience from the moment they walk in. Breadcrumb has considered every feature and function important to the smooth and profitable operation of your restaurant from table management to ease of ordering and end of night procedures as well as being able to run offline so your point of sale will never call in sick.

Breadcrumb empowers your restaurant by enabling your payments, POS system, and data to speak to each other. Breadcrumb POS runs on the Upserve Restaurant Platform which connects payments, sales, and customer data to provide the richest business insights available all from your POS. It even includes Upserve Marketplace so you can easily integrate with other management solutions you already use.

Learn more about Breadcrumb today!

Saltsha Point of Sale for Quick Serve Restaurants:

Whether you have a burger joint, ice cream store, small full service restaurant – an efficient and seamless point of sale can make the difference in having a profitable day or not.  Saltsha POS for hospitality and food services was created as a point-of-sale system that manages your sales data and provides insights into every area of your business, helps track your inventory, monitors your staff, turns tedious tasks into automated and streamlined processes, and much more.

Just a few of the Saltsha POS features include:

• Save tickets, tabs, and instantly retrieve previous orders. Create custom menus.
• Table-side payment and tip options, plus accept cash and card on same ticket.
• Easily split tickets by items ordered or by the number of diners.
• Print to a prep/kitchen area for easy-to-understand orders, and eliminate handwriting errors.
• Apply discounts, build promotions, and use virtual couponing to increase repeat business.
• View your POS information real-time as long as you have internet access, adjust employee shifts and employee access permissions, and review inventory from anywhere.

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