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In today’s marketplace Consumers expect to find your products both online and in store. Don’t miss out on revenue and marketability because you are uncertain how to offer simple and secure online shopping. The Merchant Doctor knows that when it comes to selecting a merchant service provider to accept credit cards in your eCommerce business it comes down to a lot more than just rates! You are looking for an ecommerce payments processor who not only provides your business the service that it deserves but with the cutting edge technology that makes it fast and secure your customers to pay.
The Merchant Doctor makes accepting credit cards online a breeze allowing your customers to appreciate a safe and easy online shopping experience. With the industry’s best fixed rates, Free award winning secure gateways, and world class service you could be selling online in no time.

In order to start accepting credit cards online you will need just 3 things!
1. A live website or developer login for review by an underwriter
2. A shopping cart for your goods or services
3. An approved merchant account application

Common questions:
1. What are underwriters looking for when they review my website for a merchant account?
Underwriters are looking for three main items when it comes to approving a website to accept credit cards. They look for these items to make sure that your business not only matches the description on the application but that it also meets the best practices required by the card brands.
First, and foremost, the product or service needs to be consistent with the application and within the guidelines for the underwriting bank. TAKE NOTE! eCommerce merchant accounts are audited on a regular basis so it is ALWAYS best to leave no products off of your website that you know you will be selling or to add products on a later date that could breach the guidelines. If you have any questions about adding a product to your ecommerce store simply call The Merchant Doctor first.
Secondly, underwriters are looking for easy to find and responsive customer service. Preferably they would like to see your contact number and or email available on every page of the site. Note – they will call the customer service number to confirm consistency as well as email for customer service.
Finally, clear shipping and return policies. Not only is this a good practice to prevent chargebacks but it is now required by the card brands. By being very clear about your shipping costs and policies not only will you sell more but your customers will be less likely to charge items back because they are not satisfied with the purchase or did not review the shipping cost prior to clicking “purchase now”. Likewise make it very clear what your acceptable return policies are and if there are any costs associated with a return (such as restocking or shipping).

2. What is a secure gateway?
A secure gateway is the link between your shopping cart and the payment processor. A secure gateway is responsible for securely capturing, encrypting, and transmitting payment data to your payment processor. The Merchant Doctor secure gateway has many robust features. Read about them here.
3. What is a shopping cart?
A shopping cart is where your customers items to be purchased are held until they are ready to check out. Once they click check out the secure gateway takes over by importing their purchases to a secure environment where the card information can be entered.
4. How long does it take to get approved for a merchant account?
As little as 24 hours! The Merchant Doctor has a trained team of representatives whom not only work directly with underwriters but also know which acquiring platform is the best for your business which allows us to get your ecommerce merchant account set up quick and easy!
5. What are your merchant services rates to accept credit cards online?
This is probably the most common question we get! This is exactly why the Merchant Doctor deals only in completely transparent and easy to understand interchange plus pricing. Check out our RATES PAGE


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