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The Merchant Doctor eCommerce secure gateway allows you to accept credit cards online with security knowing that the industry’s leading PCI Compliant is working overtime to protect you and your customers from the lurking invisible thieves! With multiple layers of data security, payer authentication, fraud detection, tokenized encryption, and robust reporting capabilities your eCommerce business will practically run itself and you can sleep easy!


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Common Payment Questions:
What is a payment gateway (or Secure Gateway)?
A payment gateway is a remotely-hosted software application that securely captures consumer payment information and transmits transaction data from either the payment page of your website or from a virtual terminal. The information is encrypted and tokenized before it is transmitted to your payment processor.

How do I use a secure gateway?
Simple! For eCommerce applications your free secure gateway will integrate directly with the shopping cart on your website. When your customers click on the “Buy Now” button the secure gateway opens a secured page to capture the payment data and send to your payment processor for approval. Your secure gateway can also be integrated with your retail point of sale or used on any computer with an internet connection as a virtual terminal.

Can I use the Merchant Doctor secure payment gateway to conduct recurring payments?
Absolutely, our payment gateway supports recurring payments while keeping your customer’s information in the digital version of Fort Knox! Protecting your customer’s sensitive information by exchanging it with a payment token and storing the encrypted data in a secure, monitored, environment with redundant backups!

Do you install the payment gateway for me?
Unfortunately no we do not. That is best done by the person that designed and built your website, however, with most shopping carts the process is very intuitive.

Can I use my existing payment gateway?
The Merchant Doctor supports most major payment gateways such as AuthorizeNet, NMI, TYSY, FD, and Global so if you would like to keep yours simply ask! Chances are we do. In some cases payment gateways require you to use their merchant services as well. If that is the case let the Merchant Doctor analyze your business to see if it makes sense for your business to change payment processors to accept credit cards online.

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