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Project Description


The restaurant industry can be exciting and fast paced but is all too often simply exhausting. Restaurant owners have precious little time to spend find hidden profits and savings while staying focused on ways to increase sales. Imagine if every day you walked into your location you were presented with the business insight and analytics you need to make smart decisions, automatically. Now imagine it is presented in such simplicity you know exactly what needs immediate attention and what can wait. From server performance and costs per cover to your latest reviews and mentions there it is.

Let us take that many steps further – what if there was a restaurant analytics and management software that lets you know which of your regulars have reservations, what their favorite dishes are, and potential up-sells, rewards, or suggestions can keep them coming back? What if that same system automated server performance analysis? Could a little training create a jump in sales?

The Merchant Doctor proudly welcomes you to Upserve, the restaurant industry’s premier restaurant management system. Upserve HQ is the restaurant management platform that connects the dots between your restaurant’s systems – point of sale, payments and more – into easily digestible insights. Use restaurant analytics to quickly spot new opportunities to improve staff performance, predict which dish is going to be hot, find your VIPs, the list goes on and on.

Let the leading restaurant management platform, Upserve HQ, do the work for you and identify opportunities where small tweaks add up to big results.

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